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About us

Two Austrian girls who came to bring back the retro-vibes of the past dog days of summer - with awesome road-trip-clothes and hand-picked Bohemian accessories. Just for you.

Founded in Graz/Austria by two nineteen-year-old girls, Dogdays Of Summer is a really small and totally new startup with focus on vintage clothes, beautiful shoes and accessories for men and women. Our assignment is to give everyone the chance to wear clothes they adore with a clear conscience.

We believe in amazing vintage clothes and lots of love for you and our planet. So we pick our garments carefully (we would love to wear every single item!) and pay attention to the way they got produced before they came to us. Because of that you'll find a lot of articles produced in Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Austria) and things out of natural materials (wool, cotton, leather).

You can see: Dogdays of Summer is not only a Good-Looking-Clothing-project, but also a Don't-Waste-Our-Planet-Approach with an eye on how to avoid prodigality.
All our clothes and accessories were here before and didn't only get produced for our shop. Nearly every single item is vintage - so older than twenty years - but at least everything is second-hand and something special to us.

So look around and take what you adore. We promise to do our best to bring it to you as soon as possible because also our customers are close to our heart as they help us giving our clothes a second life and home.

- Clarissa and Diana

Vintage - What is it?

If they hear the word "vintage", many people do not know what to expect. They ask us: "What do you mean with that? What is it?"
Explaining that is not the easiest thing. You could say "Second-hand clothing that is older than twenty years". This is also, how we start our explanation. But there is much more to it than meets the eye.
Vintage also means something special to us, something unique. The pieces are hand-picked, not often seen and matchless. They have kind of a collector’s value and aren’t the simple, white tee from the shop around the corner.
We collect these pieces and bring them to you through our website. We try to have a wide range of things that everybody has the chance to find his or her special piece. The one vintage thing they do not have yet.

For questions, suggestions or cooperations contact us here.

Our Team

Clarissa Maria Kober: 21 Years
Information and Communication Design Student at FH Joanneum university of applied sciences in Graz,
Sitting at the lake with a guitar and singing,
Big Boss - Model - Master of the Prints and closing her eyes while taking a photo
Diana Dora Dea Ranegger: 22 Years
Information and Communication Design Student at FH Joanneum university of applied sciences in Graz,
Watching stars at night and eating homemade strawberry ice cream in the grass,
Big Boss - Model - Master of the Website and stumbling and falling (without any reason)

Daniel Wachmann: 23 Years
Informatics and English Teaching Student at KF and TU Graz,
Riding the bike and playing the piano,
Model - Master of Posing and being reliable
Tamara Sabina Hutter: 21 Years
Molecular Biology Student at the KF in Graz,
Sitting around bonfires with friends and guitar,
Photographer - Master of Media
Viktoria Reitbauer: 21 Years
Social Work Student in Klagenfurt,
Going to Stubenbergsee and drinking "Passion-Fruit-Spritzer",
Model - Master of Laughing
Kimy Bahian: 22 Years
Information design Student,
Playing beach volleyball and swimming,
Model – Master of Posing

Melanie Paierl: 22 Jahre
Working at Caritas in Vienna,
Eating ice cream and feeling water with her feet,
Model - Master of helping in last minute situations

Christoph Pfeifer: 25 Years
Geography and English Teaching Student,
Playing volleyball and barbecue with friends,
Model - Master of Sympath

Selena-Maria Ranegger: 25 Years
Arts-, Biology- and Maths Teacher,
Swimming and Relaxing at the beach,
Model - perfect advertising girl :)