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Frequently Asked Questions - and things we also think that might be not so clear...

General stuff

Where is your shop in Graz and what are your opening hours?
You can find us at Josefigasse 3, 8020 Graz. Our opening hours are Monday - Friday from 12am - 7pm and Saturday from 11am - 5pm.

Why do I have to open an account?
You need an account if you want to purchase anything at because it tells us important information e.g. where to ship your order. If you want to know more about your data read our Privacy Policy.

How can I delete my account?
We are too sorry. If you really want to go away, please write us an e-mail or via the form at the end of the site. We will delete your account as soon as possible. For this, please don't forget to use the same e-mail address you used on our site. It would be great if you also tell us, why you don't want to be part of our game anymore... And maybe we'll see us again someday! :)

Before you order

How can I see if my article has some mistakes such as scratches or holes?
Every article has a paragraph in its description that is called "Condition". It tells you, if your article is either in an excellent condition (so no mistakes or just little, nearly invisible scratches or mistakes in the inside that you can't see from the outside), in a very good condition (rarely visible mistakes, little scratches, dots or holes) or in a good condition (visible mistakes from a certain point).
Note: Everything is vintage, so there CAN be some traces (such as lighter colours and so on) that someone wore it before - even on "excellent" stuff. You can read more about that in our Terms and Conditions

When I do some things in my paper bag today and don't buy it immediately. How long will they stay in my bag?
If you are logged in, your stuff will stay till the moment you delete it or someone else buys it. But remember: We just sell unique pieces, so hurry - someone else could be faster than you!
If you aren't logged in, your paper bag will get cleared as soon as you close your browser.

Orders and stuff like that

I wanted to order five items but when I checked out there were only four on my bill. Why?
We just sell unique items. This means, that there are rarely two of a kind. If anyone was faster than you buying something, it gets deleted from your paper bag automatically and we can't do anything against it, sorry!

I ordered some things but forgot to order the beautiful tee... What can I do?
You can place as many orders as you want, as long your order status is "NEW". (You can see that at Your account/ Your orders.) We will put all these orders in one parcel and you have to pay the shipping costs only once. (If you pay via bank transfer, transfer the shipping costs once. If you pay via PayPal we will put the costs on your bill just once.)

How long do I have time to pay my order?
We wait seven business days from the date of your order confirmation. If no money arrives, we have to cancel the order that somebody else has the chance to get the pieces.

I ordered something at Why haven't I got a confirmation yet?
We send all our e-mails personally. This means that it may take some time till we see your order. We try our best to be as fast as possible confirming your order though.

Paying possibilities

How can I pay via PayPal?
First you just choose the paying possibility "PayPal" at checkout. After confirming your order we send you a PayPal-email with the bill and all further information. You only have to click on the login-button there and pay via PayPal - finished!

Do I have to have a PayPal-Account when I pay via PayPal?
No, you don't have to have an account yet. But when paying you will be asked to sign up there.

How can I pay via bank transfer?
First you just choose the paying possibility "Bank Transfer" at checkout.
Then you only have to transfer the money within 7 business days via online banking or in your local bank. Please note: It's paying in advance. After we received the money we will send you your parcel.
Transfer the money to:

Dogdays of Summer OG
IBAN: AT81 2081 5000 4168 8599

"Collection by the costumer" - what does it mean?
You will get an email with the address where and when you can pick up your parcel (it will be in Graz for sure). If there is any problem with date, time or something like that, please call us or write us as soon as possible (preferred SMS). We will find the perfect time for sure :)
When we meet up, you pay cash and get your parcel - finished! :)

If you have any further questions, you could also right us here: