FREE Collection by the costumer in Graz!

Shipping in Austria

Where do you ship?
We ship EU-wide (+Switzerland!) If you think that your country is not in the list, please contact us to ask for help :)

What does "Collection by the costumer" mean?
Collection by the costumer means that you come personally (you can also send a friend) and pick up your order.
We love this way of "shipping" as we get to know all the wonderful people that support us every day! :) Also, it is easy for you to try the things on before you actually buy them. As soon as your order is ready we will write you an e-mail and we will meet somewhere in Graz where you can easily get it after paying with cash.

Is it really free?
Of course! As we do not have to ship something, this will save you all the fees.

Shipping in Austria

How high are the shipping fees in Austria?
If you have an Austrian address, we'll charge you 5 Euro for shipping, no matter how much you order or how heavy your parcel will be.

Shipping in the rest of the EU (and Switzerland)

How high are the shipping fees?
If you are located in the EU or in Switzerland, but not in Austria, we charge you 10 Euro for your order. This does not depend on how much you order or on how heavy your parcel will be :)